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Station Spotlight
Charlie Smith
Marketing Director
I am in my 21st year with Goforth Media (G/M). Prior to coming here in 1993 my 26 years in sales prepared me for the work I feel God called me to do. We have seen some changes in the staff as some come and then move on to other positions but every person that has worked at G/M has really been called to their position. Working with this staff and helping in marketing and underwriting on our 3 stations is a joy. I work to promote concerts and seek out funds for daily operation through advertising on both AM station and the Underwriting program on POWER 88. Doing something you love is the greatest joy you can have. My daily routine involves working with church pastorís, and secretaries, promoters of Christian concerts and Christian business owners. The pleasure is in knowing you have done something to keep God message on the air. There is a verse I learned years ago; II Corinthians 5:20 (NIV). It says "We are ambassadors for Christ, and God is using us to speak to you." Are you blessed by the message and music you hear on any of the Goforth Media station write us a letter or e-mail and tell us. We love to hear from our listeners. Charlie

Check out our schedule below:

WBHY-AM-Saturday Features

12:01 am Urban Alternative Tony Evens 
12:30 am Dr. Barnhouse and the Bible Dr. Barnhouse 
1:00 am Peace with God Billy Graham Evan Assoc 
1:30 am Unshackled  
2:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr fred Wolfe 
3:00 am News  
3:05 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
4:00 am Janet Mefferd Show Janet Mefferd 
5:00 am Janet Mefferd Show Janet Mefferd 
6:00 am Q & A Dr. Mcgee Dr. Mcgee 
6:35 am Urban Alternative Dr. Tony Evens 
7:00 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
8:00 am Insight for Living Chuck Swindoll 
8:30 am In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley 
9:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe 
10:00 AM Intentional Living Carlson / call in talk  
10:30 am Unshackled  
11:00 am Sports Spectrum Roxanne Robbins 
11:30 AM Christian Radio Journal  
12:06 PM The World and Eveything In It World Magzine 
1:00 pm News SRN 
1:06 pm The World and Everthing In It World Magzine 
2:00 pm News SRN 
2:05 pm Best of Janet Mefferd Show Janet Mefferd 
3:06 pm Best of Janet Mefferd Show Janet Mefferd 
4:01 pm Turning Point Dr David Jeremiah 
4:30 pm Insight For Living Dr. Chuck Swinloll 
5:00 pm Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
6:00 pm Sports Spectrum  
6:30 PM Jonathhan Park  
7:06 PM The World and Everthing In It World Magzine 
8:00 PM News  
8:06 PM The World and Everthing In It World Magzine 
9:00 PM News/Intentional Living Carlson / call in talk  
9:30 PM Unshackled  
10:00 pm News SRN 
10:05 pm New Life Live Steve Auttuerburn  
11:00 pm Lutheran Hour  
11:30 pm Christian Radio Journal  
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