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Station Spotlight
Doug and jaci Velasquiz
Morning Show 5-9 AM
The freshest and the most relevant Christian radio morning show to turn your radio to in the mornings.

Christian Talk 103.5 FM Mobile
103.3 FM Spanish Fort/Daphne
and 106.9 FM Fairhope

Check out our schedule below:

WBHY-AM-Saturday Features

12:01 am Urban Alternative Tony Evans 
12:30 am Dr. Barnhouse and the Bible Dr. Barnhouse 
1:00 am Christian Radio Journal  
1:30 am Unshackled  
2:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr fred Wolfe 
3:00 am News  
3:05 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
4:00 am The Eric Metaxas Show Eric Metaxas 
5:00 am The Eric Metaxas Show Eric Metaxas 
6:00 am Q & A Dr. Mcgee Dr. Mcgee 
6:35 am Urban Alternative Dr. Tony Evens 
7:00 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
8:00 am Insight for Living Chuck Swindoll 
8:30 am In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley 
9:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe 
10:00 AM Household of Faith Dale Rivers 
10:30 am Household of Faith - continued Dale Rivers 
11:00 am Words to Live By Radio Bible Class 
11:30 AM Parenting Today’s Teens Mark Gregston 
12:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
1:00 pm News SRN 
1:06 pm Dave Ramsey Show  
2:00 pm News SRN 
2:05 pm The Eric Metaxes Show The Eric Metaxes 
3:06 pm The Eric Metaxes Show  
4:01 pm Turning Point Dr David Jeremiah 
4:30 pm Insight For Living Dr. Chuck Swinloll 
5:00 pm Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
6:00 pm Sports Spectrum  
6:30 PM Jonathhan Park  
7:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
8:00 PM News  
8:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
9:00 PM News/Intentional Living Carlson / call in talk  
9:30 PM Unshackled  
10:00 pm New Life Live  
10:30 pm New Life Live - continues Steve Auttuerburn  
11:00 pm Lutheran Hour  
11:30 pm Christian Radio Journal  
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