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Station Spotlight
Kenny Fowler
Afternoon Drive Power 88/ Music Director
Hey! I'm the afternoon drive Show host and Music Director for Power 88. I'd like to thank all of the listeners who have called or emailed in encouragement to the staff at Power 88 and Goforth Media. We love to hear how God has used this ministry for HIS (and not our) Glory! Feel free to contact us if you ever need a song title or artist of a particular song you've heard on Power 88. We can't promise that we'll find it immediately, but we'll do our best! Also let us know what you think about the music you hear on Power 88. What would you like to hear more or less of? We are YOUR home for today's Christian music so let us know what you want!

Christian Talk 103.5 FM Mobile
103.3 FM Spanish Fort/Daphne
and 106.9 FM Fairhope

Check out our schedule below:

WBHY-AM-Saturday Features

12:01 am Urban Alternative Tony Evans 
12:30 am Dr. Barnhouse and the Bible Dr. Barnhouse 
1:00 am Christian Radio Journal  
1:30 am Unshackled  
2:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr fred Wolfe 
3:00 am News  
3:05 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
4:00 am The Eric Metaxas Show Eric Metaxas 
5:00 am The Eric Metaxas Show Eric Metaxas 
6:00 am Q & A Dr. Mcgee Dr. Mcgee 
6:35 am Urban Alternative Dr. Tony Evens 
7:00 am Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
8:00 am Insight for Living Chuck Swindoll 
8:30 am In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley 
9:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe 
10:00 AM Household of Faith Dale Rivers 
10:30 am Household of Faith - continued Dale Rivers 
11:00 am Words to Live By Radio Bible Class 
11:30 AM Parenting Today’s Teens Mark Gregston 
12:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
1:00 pm News SRN 
1:06 pm Dave Ramsey Show  
2:00 pm News SRN 
2:05 pm The Eric Metaxes Show The Eric Metaxes 
3:06 pm The Eric Metaxes Show  
4:01 pm Turning Point Dr David Jeremiah 
4:30 pm Insight For Living Dr. Chuck Swinloll 
5:00 pm Focus Weekend Jim Daly 
6:00 pm Sports Spectrum  
6:30 PM Jonathhan Park  
7:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
8:00 PM News  
8:06 PM Dave Ramsey Show  
9:00 PM News/Intentional Living Carlson / call in talk  
9:30 PM Unshackled  
10:00 pm New Life Live  
10:30 pm New Life Live - continues Steve Auttuerburn  
11:00 pm Lutheran Hour  
11:30 pm Christian Radio Journal  
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