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Station Spotlight
Todd Seeley
Marketing & Sales
Without reservation Todd believes music is a gift from God. His passion as a DJ is to engage the community and inspire a culture through Christian music. He and his wife have served in ministry together for over 20 years on the West Coast, East Coast and now the Gulf Coast. In 2010 Todd answered a call from Magnolia Springs Wesleyan Church to serve as Senior Pastor. He and his wife live in Fairhope with their two teenage sons.

Christian Talk 103.5 FM Mobile
103.3 FM Spanish Fort/Daphne
and 106.9 FM Fairhope

Check out our schedule below:

WBHY-AM-Sunday Features

12:00 am Bible Study Hour Dr. Boice 
12:30 am Unshackled  
1:00 am Words to Live By Richard DeHaan 
1:30 am Grace to You Weekend John MacArthur  
2:00 am News SRN 
2:05 am Building Relationships Gary Chapman 
3:00 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe 
4:00 am Focus Weekend  
5:00 am New Life Weekend Steve Auttuerburn 
6:00 am Break Point this week John Stonestreet 
6:30 am Insight for Living Chuck Swindoll 
7:00 am Wisdom for the Heart Stephen Davey 
7:30 am Christian Working Woman Mary Weltchell 
7:45 am Key Life Steve Brown 
8:00 am Turning Point Weekend Dr. David Jeremiah 
8:30 am The Lutheran Hour  
9:00 am Walk in the Word Dr. James MacDonald  
9:30 am Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe  
10:30 am Bible Study Hour Dr James Boice 
11:00 am First Baptist Church Mobile Winford Hendicks 
12:02 pm Wonderful Words of Life The Salvation Army 
12:15 pm Sunday Sermon Dr. McGee 
1:00 pm News SRN Network 
1:05 PM Building Relationships Gary Chapman 
2:00 pm News SRN 
2:05 pm Parenting Today's Teens Mark Gregston 
2:30 pm Wisdon for the Heart Stephen Davey 
3:00 pm Words to Live By Radio Bible Class 
3:30 pm Unshackled  
4:00 pm Best of In the Market Janet Parshall 
4:45 pm Key Life Steve Brown 
5:00 pm Old Fashion Revival Hour  
6:00 PM Break Point this Week John Stonestreet 
6:29 pm Community News  
6:30 pm Walk in the Word James MacDonald 
7:00 pm New Life Live  
8:00 pm Focus on the Family Radio Theatre  
8:30 pm Jonathhan Park  
9:00 pm Luke 4:18 Fellowship Dr. Fred Wolfe  
10:00 pm Old Fashion Revival Hour  
10:30 pm Old Fashion Revival Hour  
11:00 pm Sunday Sermon Dr. McGee 
11:45 pm Christian Working Woman  
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