Gregg Hutchins is the man behind the ‘down home’ humor and the ‘music that moves you’ each morning, with over 20 years on the air. He’s been a Singing News ‘Golden Mic’ award winner, a 1991 & 2012 Singing News Fan Award winner (DJ of the year), and a 1990 Eddie Crook Company DJ of the year. Greg also spent five years as host of the syndicated radio show, ‘Southern Gospel Today,’ which received four nominations for a Singing News Fan Award as ‘Favorite Syndicated Show’. He also produced, published and played on ‘Adam’s Side, ‘ the Billy Walker tune voted as Cash Box Magazine’s 1993 Independent Label Christian Country Song of the Year. And, in his spare time, Greg operates his own production studio and has played drums on the Grand Ole Opry for over 16 years.